A Leader in the Community

Jesus began his career as an on-air personality for WXDJ-FM Miami, where at 19 years of age was appointed the program director for the station. He was then quickly promoted to Vice President of programming overseeing WSKQ-FM (La Mega 97.9), WPAT-FM 93.1 New York, KLAX-FM (La Raza 97.9) Los Angeles, WLEY-FM 107.9 Chicago, WXDJ-FM El Zol 106.7, WRMA-FM 95.7, WCMQ-FM 92.3 Miam. He is also in charge of developing cohesive and efficient special features and promotions ensuring the overall SBS objectives. He also was awarded the Radio INK Programmer of the Year 2012 Medallas De Cortez.
Jesus Salas began his career in radio at a young age, advancing quickly as a respected and successful Hispanic radio programmer. Besides being a veteran radio professional, he is also involved in many community organizations such as being the co-chair for Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation inaugural 2013 “Gentleman’s Night”, which raised over $400k for the inaugural event for the foundation. He must meet regularly with programming members (program directors, music directors and on-air talent) to ensure all members are up-to-date on all elements of SBS programming. Jesus Salas Miami has over 22 years of radio broadcasting experience and solid interpersonal skills, which allows him to develop a result oriented culture for maximum listener/client experience.

Jesus Salas Radio (4)

Jesus Salas Radio

In 1997, Jesus Salas, Radio professional was named Program Director for WSKQ-FM Mega 97.9 and WPAT-FM 93.1 Amor New York, where he led WSKQ-FM to number one 12+ (Arbitron Spring & Summer 1998). This position carries many responsibilities, none of which he takes lightly. He has shown a commitment to his craft that has allowed him to excel and says that he will continue to perform at this professional level until he retires.



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