An impressive Career

Jesus accepted an offer as senior PD with XM Satellite Radio in Washington DC when he was fairly young, which would be the catalyst to a great career. In his current post with Spanish Broadcasting Systems, Salas oversees radio stations in the top U.S. Jesus started his career in radio at the age of 16, working for a New Age Broadcasting as an air personality for the station. While at XM he spearheaded a successful national marketing campaign to grow the Hispanic subscriber base. He has a proven track record in discovering, training, cultivating and coaching successful Latin on-air personalities.

Jesus Salas Radio
Jesus Salas also gives back to the community with volunteer work. He is part of the CHAPMAN Partnership for the Homeless Outreach Committee, a business partner for Dade County Public Schools, a volunteer for The Children Youth Life Foundation for terminally ill children and a member of the EESAC Education Excellence School Advisory Council for Juvenile Justice Public School.

Jesus Salas, Radio professional is a member of the Advisory Council and member of the EESAC for Miami Dade Public School Department of Juvenile Justice and is involved in several charitable organizations as Miami Children’s Hospital. Hispanic markets of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico. Jesus has strong leadership skills and thorough knowledge of the Latin music and radio formats, along with a very intense attention to detail, and an overall top notch work ethic. In 1997, he was named PD for WSKQ-FM & WPAT-FM/New York. This has all been the result of an unshakable resolve and work ethic that has made him the best in the business.


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