Leadership – Mastering Yourself

Many entrepreneurs will talk about the mastering of one’s self and one’s mind. It is surprising how little self-awareness is found in today’s CEO’s and politicians. The world is morphing into a place where the outward change triumphs over the inward change, making great havoc for those who can’t hold it together when things get tough. While this may be a great way to appear to be a leader, true leadership is found in the ability to have excellent self-discipline and awareness, in order to pursue things consistently and with success. Execution cannot be complete without a leader’s ability to master his own mind.]

Jesus Salas Radio

Take some time to think about some qualities of yourself that you might not be comfortable with, or might seem unfamiliar with entirely. These are the weak points that need to be targeted to create a great leader out of yourself. Focus on the things that you are unaware of, and take a moment to think about them, and grasp the elements about you that makes you human. Only then can you begin to build upon yourself and make a great leader. Qualities cannot be retained if the person gaining them knows nothing about themselves.

If leadership is discovered this way, then the improvements of your potential will come naturally, instead of using social status or lucky breaks to prove yourself as a leader. Jesus Salas Radio is an example of this type of leadership. His career in the radio broadcasting industry started at 16, and because of his uncanny ability to mold himself, he earned his first promotion at 19 as a program director. 22 years later he became the Executive Vice President of Programming for a national radio station, a position that could have never been attained without the proper leadership.


Radio Stations are Reaching Out to Hispanic Communities

Radio broadcasting companies all over the nation share a wide variety of cultures and tastes in their stations, bringing a nation of communities to enjoy their music. However, while broadcasting stations all over the country already hold many culturally diverse radio stations for its listeners, the industry itself doesn’t think that it is enough. The radio broadcasting industry is sending a message that it wishes to see diversity in radio boom, in order to offer every listener something to enjoy as they listen to Hispanic stations.

Jesus Salas Radio

Jesus Salas Radio

One community in particular that is being reached out to is the Hispanic Community. This unique taste of culture is also one of the largest ethnicities in the population, and is continuing to grow at an increasingly faster rate, calling many industries all over the world to attend to their increase in presence. The radio stations around the nation are quickly recruiting new programs and stations to offer music and broadcasting that satisfy their cultural presence. With this mission in hand, the radio stations around the United States have a big job to bring a new wave of Hispanic subscribers to their doorstep.

In the top Hispanic markets in the U.S., there is one radio executive who has been fighting for this change in Hispanic listeners for years. Jesus Salas Radio, the Executive Vice President of Programming for the Spanish Broadcasting System, has been going on national marketing campaigns to promote his station to the Hispanic Community, in the hopes that this would increase their use of radio and attract them to the services that his company offers to them.

Fitting In When Traveling to South America

When traveling to South America, the locals find importance in qualities that attributes to physical looks, clothes, style and social graces as a way of exemplifying a social role in society. You may find yourself in a working business situation or social dining experience and find that South Americans don’t stress the urgency of the clock. There are tendencies toward hierarchy and stratification of social structures and often a focus on human differences rather than similarities. South America is extremely diversified and unique and while there are plenty of conceived notions that countries are all the same you will find some of the countries don’t even speak Spanish as their first language. That custom can come from the desire to develop strong human relations and not hurt feelings of those involved in the discussion.

South Americans tend to be more intimate, compassionate and are not aware of the social boundaries in the United States. It’s quite common that Latin Americans tend to communicate less directly than those in the United States. If you are considering traveling abroad to South America, you must take into consideration some of the cultural differences. Expect a very open and less reserved culture that will be extremely courteous and polite but also not afraid to discuss taboo topics. Do not mistake this for someone who is walking on eggshells but more so someone who respects your opinion and does not want to leave a bad impression. It is never a slight or intended to be harmful, in fact it is usually met with a compassionate and honest suggestion. You never want to rush anyone in those circumstances as it can be seen as rude. A topic like the weight of a man or woman is usually a taboo topic in the United States.

Jesus Salas Radio

As a radio personality for many years for Hispanics, Jesus Salas, Radio professional says that following these guidelines is a sure way to do well on your travels.