Radio Stations are Reaching Out to Hispanic Communities

Radio broadcasting companies all over the nation share a wide variety of cultures and tastes in their stations, bringing a nation of communities to enjoy their music. However, while broadcasting stations all over the country already hold many culturally diverse radio stations for its listeners, the industry itself doesn’t think that it is enough. The radio broadcasting industry is sending a message that it wishes to see diversity in radio boom, in order to offer every listener something to enjoy as they listen to Hispanic stations.

Jesus Salas Radio

Jesus Salas Radio

One community in particular that is being reached out to is the Hispanic Community. This unique taste of culture is also one of the largest ethnicities in the population, and is continuing to grow at an increasingly faster rate, calling many industries all over the world to attend to their increase in presence. The radio stations around the nation are quickly recruiting new programs and stations to offer music and broadcasting that satisfy their cultural presence. With this mission in hand, the radio stations around the United States have a big job to bring a new wave of Hispanic subscribers to their doorstep.

In the top Hispanic markets in the U.S., there is one radio executive who has been fighting for this change in Hispanic listeners for years. Jesus Salas Radio, the Executive Vice President of Programming for the Spanish Broadcasting System, has been going on national marketing campaigns to promote his station to the Hispanic Community, in the hopes that this would increase their use of radio and attract them to the services that his company offers to them.


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